About Us

Who We Are

The Salem-Keizer High School Sports Booster Club was founded in 1994. It was originally dedicated to "ensure the future of high school athletics by replacing funds eliminated by budget cuts". The initial founders were Ed Albers, Ed Gabriel, and Ann Miller. Under their leadership, and with guidance from high school athletic directors, the club was very successful. Quite a nest egg was created as the result of a variety of fundraising activities. The money was safely invested too assist Salem-Keizer athletics going forward. Over time, however, the club fell into dormancy for a number of reasons. Under the guidance of retired athletics directors Dave Johnson and Mike Maghan the club was resurrected. New board members were added and the club became more active again. In the summer of 2017 the current board made the decision to begin our Beacons event to honor those in Salem-Keizer who deserve to be celebrated for their contribution to high school athletics. It is our hope that the initial Beacons event will be the first of many to come. Afterall, there is no shortage of people who have shown excellence and leadership through athletics in the Salem-Keizer area.