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Money should never be a hindrance to participation in high school athletics.

To our donor: The kids who you help will never know your name, will never be able to shake your hand and say thank you, but they will know the experiences and opportunities provided by high school sports that you helped provide.

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High school sports matter.

Congratulations to our 2023 Beacons.

Reserve the date: June 17th, 2023. Once again we will be at the Elsinore Theatre.

School Beacons:

McKay - Gus Envela

McNary - Jerry Lane

North Salem - Steve Chambers

South Salem - Scott McCormick

Sprague - Robin Hill

West Salem - Susi Armstrong

Community Beacons:

John Black

Wes Ediger

Terry Williams

These are people who have made a difference in our community through athletics.

The Beacons

The primary goal of The Beacons is to remove any financial barrier that might prevent any student in any Salem-Keizer School District high school from enjoying the benefits of athletic participation. We are dedicated to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to participate because Salem-Keizer high school athletics focuses on excellence in academics, leadership, character development, and competition as vital components in student achievement.

(Sponsored by the Salem-Keizer High School Sports Booster Club)

Thank you Salem-Keizer.

Once again you showed
that high school sports matter.

The 2021-22 Beacons

School Beacons

The Yolanda and Francisco Tavera Family

McKay H.S.

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Vic Backlund

McNary H.S.

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Claudette Groenendaal

North H.S.

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Lara Tiffin

South H.S.

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Al Zupo

Sprague H.S.

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Shawn Stanley

West H.S.

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Community Beacons


Kathleen Hanneman

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Athletes of the Year


Tyler Copeland - McNary

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Laila Leaks – South Salem

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Boys Soccer

Nathan Martinez – South Salem

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Girls Soccer

Nicky Williams - Sprague

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Boys Cross Country

Jack Meier – West Salem

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Girls Cross Country

Isa Swain – North Salem

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Boys Basketball

Dallon Morgan - Sprague

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Girls Basketball

Lizzy Bennett - West Salem

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Boys Wrestling

Brayden Boyd - Sprague

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Girls Wrestling

Sarahi Chavez - McKay

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Boys Swimming

Will LaDuca - South Salem

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Girls Swimming

Madi Spier - South Salem

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Chris Rogers - Sprague

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Lacey Vasas - McNary

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Boys Tennis

Chris Bedard - South Salem

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Girls Tennis

Libby Blair - Sprague

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Boys Track and Field

DeMari Thompson - North Salem

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Girls Track and Field

Jordan Koskondy - North Salem

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Boys Golf

Colby Sullivan - McNary

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Girls Golf

Maddie Dustin - South Salem

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Coach of the Year

Mike Ritchey

Mike Ritchey

Sprague Wrestling

Coach Ritchey took the reins of the Sprague program only shortly before the wrestling season began. He quickly showed why he was the perfect person to lead the Olys. Ritchey led Sprague to their tenth consecutive conference championship.

Sprague finished second as a team in a highly competitive field of teams at the OSAA state championship tournament. The Olys had five individual OSAA 6A champions, tied for the most in program history while developing a young group of wrestlers along the way.

Job well done, Coach Ritchey.